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Colorful Round shape Packaging Box


Round Shaped Boxes

Simplicity and shape can go a long way. Round shaped boxes made out of luxury rigid material is the perfect choice for high end gift and retail packaging. With a telescopic and lid-off function, it is not only easy and simple to pack products but it provides the durability needed for fragile products.

We offer endless options for printing and additional processes such as foil stamping, embossing, die-cutting and window patching to enhance your packaging even more! To get started, speak to one of our product specialists for a consultation now.

Simple, Luxurious and Easy to Handle

Round shaped boxes are distinct in their style. With its easy to use 2 piece structure, it can be used to package any types of products from chocolate to beauty products. The rigid material paired with the round shape style provides the best option for any types of products.

Options Made To Enhance Structure

With added special options, you are sure to make an even striking impression to your gift. With endless printing possibilities, you have the freedom to create any artwork designs you want. To enhance the printing, you can also add additional processes such as PVC window patching, foil stamping and embossing.

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