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White headset packaging box


Hinged Flip Lid Rigid Boxes

Hinged flip packaging from Top packaging feature a flip up lid that can be reinforced with straps, Velcro, buckles and magnets. What makes these rectangular or square boxes stand out and why people choose this over others is the reinforced cardboard that makes them so sturdy along with the groves in the inserts which can be customized according to products.

Sell Your High-End Products in Style

The first point of contact of the customer with the product is its packaging. When it comes to packaging high-end products, you need to make sure that everything about the box clamors style, luxury and elegance. This is important because that’s how buyers perceive the quality and register it as a high-end product. And this is where we can help! At Top Packaging, we specialize in providing customized black hinged box with custom logo, perfect to package and merchandise high-end products like jewelry, cosmetics and watches. Our yellow hinged box with custom logo is made from heavy duty grey board which makes it robust and well-protected from damage and breakage.

Brand Your Boxes for Success

At Top Packaging, we don’t just provide you with boxes, we provide you with complete branding solutions. We give you the opportunity to customize your black hinged box with custom logo to align them with your brand image and personality. With us, you can choose from a wide array of range of box coating such as high gloss UV and Matte lamination to stylize your product package and make it look ultra chic. You can get the box size customized by selecting the size, finish and dimension from us very quickly. By getting your boxes custom designed from us, you can easily make a strong statement about your brand and get noticed on the shelf.

Our Quality is Top Notch

Our stellar reputation is built on quality. We make sure that every box is designed to precision and meets our highest quality standards. And that’s a promise we keep. Order now to experience the difference!


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