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Custom Cardboard POP Displays & Stands

If you own a retail store or a brand, you can understand how important POP display stands are for presenting your products and services. Your custom cardboard displays should be attractive enough to capture the interest of your customers and also be designed in a way that gives you maximum retail space. At TOP PACKAGING, we offer a full range of solutions to all of your cardboard product display needs!


Cardboard Dump Bin Displays

Cardboard dump bin displays can serve as a useful addition to any store that wishes its customers to buy in bulk. Made exclusively by TOPPACKAGING, these feature an adjustable base allowing users to place products at any height they wish to. Similar to stacking baskets, dump bin displays can be placed right next to the counter and can also be used to create a queuing space to attract more buyers to additional stock you display in it!


Promote Additional Stock with Grace

If you plan on having a sale in the future, custom dump bin displays from TOP PACKAGING can serve as great allies. You can place almost any kind of merchandise in them (such as toys, pillows, shoes, clothes, towels etc) without damaging it. The same will be the case when your customers are moving from one bin to the next rummaging for items they need.

Make Your Sale a Customer Magnet

Every good retail store should have a number of dump bin displays for time when extra merchandise is introduced into the store and during a sale. Very few people do not find container full of products tempting and yours will be attracted to your cardboard dump bin displays in droves. Just think of how much you stand to make in one day just by setting up dump bins from Top Packaging.

We are also fully capable of adding customized inserts in your dump bin displays besides adding designs and colors you wish. This includes special sign holders that you can place on top of your bins to let customers know what the discounted value of the products are. Selling a single product in bulk in different dump bins will ensure more profit for you and you can easily re-fill them when they run out!


Speak to one of our product specialist for a one-on-one consultation for your retail display bins and how Top Packaging can provide the best display solution for you!

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