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Green Collapsible / Foldable Gift Boxes


Collapsible / Foldable Gift Boxes

The collapsible-foldable rigid gift box from Top packaging is made from durable greyboard and comes with either a magnetic or ribbon closure making it the perfect option for high-end products.

This is why it is preferred by those who want to sell gift items that can just be purchased off the shelf and presented as they are.

The box itself can be completely flattened making it the most cost-effective and storage-friendly option for premium packaging. 

Make an Impression

High end brands should consider the perks of leaving a great impression when they use collapsible-foldable rigid boxes for packaging like these. Sure they are crafted out of paper materials entirely, that only portrays your innovative streak that aims for efficiency without compromising on the quality and the overall look. Sounds difficult; Top Packaging makes it super easy for you to channel that through these collapsible-foldable rigid boxes.

The Unconventional yet Amusing Touch

The box eliminates the problem of space when not in use. The idea of collapsing a rigid box once you take out the contents of the box sounds like one of those neat little aesthetic details that you would want in your life.

The box design is a result of Top packaging taking into account every tiny detail that should go into making the ideal rigid box for any kind of packaging scenario. If you like you can check out the quality of the boxes by requesting a sample. This way you can get rid of all qualms, especially if it is your very first time ordering through the online portal.

What You See Is What You Get

The affordable rates for which these collapsible-foldable rigid boxes are available for are exactly what can get you a sturdy and appealing looking packaging box. You can have your logo embossed, debossed, or simply go old school and select foil stamping for the characters on the surface of the box.

You can address any queries that you may have before you make the final order, our customer support agents will get in touch with you ASAP and are always happy to help you with any concerns or questions that you may have regarding our product. So start browsing for the perfect collapsible-foldable rigid boxes for packaging, and order now.

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