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We offer endless options for your premium packaging to give you the freedom to be as creative as you want with your designs. Our capabilities consists of all the popular and industry-demanded processes with the highly competitive price in the market.



Supper Quality control


Meticulously Engineered& Crafted

Every   box we make is tailored to each unique specification and are precisely   designed by our engineers to create a sophisticated packaging that fit your   products perfectly.

Stringent Process ISO9001 Certified

Our   certified QMS follows a strict production process to maintain a defective   -free operation from initial design to completion and consistently meet   customer expectations.

Shipped& Protected with Love

Dedicated   to protecting not only the quality of your boxes through rigorous shipping   requirements but also strategically providing solutions to optimize shipping   cost and speed.




Top notch support

ü  Determine specification

One-on-one consultation with a dedicated specialist to help identify your specific needs and provide solution with the goal of raising value and limiting costs.

ü  Artwork Guide& Design

Step-by-Step technical support in artwork design preparation from uploading the dieline to recommending further design ideas to enhance packaging value.

ü  Quality control

Documented procedures for making sure your boxes are consistently monitored, tracked and safely transported through our stringent production process.

ü  Structure Engineering

Designs are made by our team of engineers to precisely develop a packaging that fits every inch of your product through a stringent development process.

ü  Prototyping

Test and validate your packaging through our prototyping process from determining specifications of your box to 3D rendering & production grade sampling.

ü  Logistics& Delivery

End- to- end solution from packing, fulfillment to transportation and provide you with the most efficient and cost effective solution through our network of carriers.



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