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colorful lid-off packaging box


Lid-off boxes  Classic   packaging for Apparel
Lid-off boxes   are quite well known, and for good reason too. They are ideal for packaging   shirts, t-shirts, dresses, pants, and sometimes even jeans. They are quite   easy to open and close but despite that, provide great protection on the   apparel while adding aesthetic value that encourages people to buy them or to   connect with the brand after purchase.
Top packaging   is your home to getting the best lid-off packaging that you can find. Our   goal is to ensure that each and every client we serve is able to leverage on   the material quality, industry leading processes in manufacturing, and   economies to scale in shipment. All these factors combine to give our clients   affordable and durable lid-off apparel box. 
Get it All   Here! Lid off  box
The best   thing about lid-off box is that they can be customized easily to your   preferences. Whether your want window cut-outs to show potential customers   what the boxes contain or are looking for cardboard inserts for gift   packaging that contains apparel and accessories, you get it all here at Top   Packaging.
Start from   choosing the size, color, and coating followed by stock options and prints as   well as additional processes that add more aesthetic elements to your   packaging. Keep in mind that there is no minimum or maximum limit to the   number of boxes that you can order. If you are not sure what we have in store   for you, get started with a single box and see why we are a leading   manufacturer and supplier of packaging around the world.
Customize your Boxes to impress the Crowd!
Did you know   that attractive packaging is a major factor that buyers consider before   making a purchase? At Top packaging, we understand the features that make a   product appear enticing. Therefore we give our customers complete freedom   over the customization process. Whether you want to change the style of the   paper of want to add a fancy coating to the box, we have an extensive range   of options to choose from.
These boxes   are made using premium quality grey board that is available in different   types of paper mounts. There are numerous coating styles available including   metallic, artistic and textured. When it comes to choosing a design for your   boxes, you can count on us to make it appear exactly like your desired. We   can customized the design the way you ant to make your products look   smashing. You can also choose to go for embossing, debossing, cardboard   inserts, EVA foam inserts, etc for your boxes. Entice your customers into   buying your products by packaging them in our classy black& Red 2 piece   neck box

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