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Custom luxury packaging box round rigid box with ribbon


TPG dedicated to providing customer with packaging solutions, high quality packaging products. packaging structure design solutions, packaging development and manufacture. Providing value-added service such as co-packing, assembly.


We offer custom packaging box, folding cartons, rigid packaging box, gift packaging box,

custom cosmetic kit packaging box, candle packaging box, eyeshadow pallet, jewelry box, perfume packaging box, jewelry packaging box, watch boxes, luxury packaging boxes, wine packaging box …


we offer many different shape rigid boxes like rectangular rigid boxes, square rigid boxes, round packaging rigid box, oval rigid boxes, heart shape packaging box, irregular shape packaging boxes. Ring box, metal box, …


we have unlimited decoration capabilities, offer wooden box, velvet box, flocking rigid box, PU packaging box with metal locker, custom cloth packaging box, Art paper rigid box, …


foldable packaging box, collapsible packaging box, two pieces packaging box, book style packaging box, …


We are committed to providing Excellent quality packaging products at a highly competitive pricing.

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